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Recent works by Maria Gabankova

Surprised by Collage - 2020 & 2021

Surprised by Collage

Welcome to my first on-line exhibition presenting recent experiments in the medium of collage I worked on during 2020-2021.

I have always loved collage for its playful and unpredictable creative process, full of surprises, tensions

and also joyful discoveries of fresh ways of seeing and of spiritual reflection.

In this series most of the ideas start intuitively without planning and often are left unfinished, but continue

to speak in silence.

The underlying dark tones of the current pandemic inform these images where the surreal reality and strangeness anticipate and embrace a promise

of Hope and Light.  

Assembled Restricted Variations

When the Moon nests softly

in bare winter branches

the darkest charcoal black

tears at the cobwebs of change,

devouring time.

My eyes hunt through chaos of

colors mixed on the palette,

where swallowed in footprints

of brushes and knife scratches

a dream has frozen.

Under the ice small fish tremble,

oscillate between life and death

amidst suggestions of figures,faces,shadows

a landscape from Nowhere to Somewhere,

yet within reach...

Under the moment’s insistence

instead of brushes my hand clutches the scissors.

I cut shapes and separate time

from fragments left over

to ferment as new possibilities.


64 images altogether

Mini Installation