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Prvy Slovensko - Kanadsky uspesny celovecerny film MODRA konecne uvidime v TORONTE na velkom platne!

"Modra" Movie Trailer
Film MODRA bol oceneny v 2010 ako jeden  z 10 najlepsich celovecernych Kanadskych filmov. Pozrite si novy uryvok z filmu na vebsite :

FEBRUAR 11, 2011  o 9:15 PM
THE ROYAL THEATRE ( 608 College St. @ Clinton St.)
Po premietani filmu Vas pozyvame na recepciu, osviezenie s vinkom a slovenskym pivom!
Dalsie dni premietania filmu MODRA:
FEBRUAR 12 - 16  kazdy vecer o  7:00 PM
FEBRUAR  17  o 9:15 PM

Reziserka a herci budu kazdy vecer po premietani filmu odpovedat na otazky z obecenstva.
Este raz Vas pozyvam a dufam, ze budete mat moznost prist a doporucit film MODRA vasim priatelom.
S pozdravom
Ingridka a Helena Veningerova


Lina is 17 years old and lives in Toronto with her mother. For one week during the summer holidays she plans to visit her extended family in Modra, a small town in Slovakia.

When Lina is dumped by her boyfriend she invites Leco instead, a cute boy from school. Not long after arriving in Modra, Lina and Leco discover they have little in common. To make matters worse, Lina's family assumes that a romance is afoot. So far from home, they are forced to confront one another leading to an explosion of repressed desire and confusion.

Featuring performances by newcomers Hallie Switzer and Alexander Gammal, MODRA is a journey into the heightened emotional chaos of two teenagers, a time when adulthood has not yet arrived, but childhood seems to have already long vanished.
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