Memory and Hope

An Exhibition of 24 Artists

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary

of Toronto School of Theology

at Leonard Hall, Wycliffe College, Toronto

September 22 - October 18, 2022


The Toronto School of Theology (TST) consists of seven theological colleges located at the University of Toronto.  It was over 50 years ago that TST was launched and plans were made for a 50th Anniversary celebration.

Protocols for the pandemic meant a postponement of many months – and the plans for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Toronto School of Theology (TST)  included a visual art exhibition. 

TST hosted the exhibition of the work of  24 artists at the beautiful Leonard Hall, Wycliffe College, 5 Hoskin Ave, Toronto – Thursday September 22 to Tuesday October 18.

The theme for the exhibition - Memory and Hope was chosen, inviting a look back and a look forward.  Careful work was done to find artists who had association with TST and a curatorial committee selected the works to be included.  

The intent of the exhibition was to capture something of the spirit of TST through creative artistic expression. In hosting this exhibit the community acknowledges the importance of the aesthetic in the life of faith and in the work of theology.  The arts are able to provide perspectives on theological themes that enrich both thought and experience. Our hope is that this exhibition will serve that end. 

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From opening reception September 22, 2022 in Leonard Hall

John Franklin - Director of Imago

A House Without Home (Prague)

Charcoal and Encaustic on Prepared Paper

48”x 44”

Part of a series titled “Home / Residents & Dissidents" (2016, Loop Gallery, Toronto), this piece explores what it means to have a home and what it means to lose it. Drawing on a personal experience, having fled Czechoslovakia in 1968 as a political refugee, I address ongoing reports of displacement and the loss of home, under the strain of cultural and political conflict.

Forgotten News

(On the left)

Oil and Collage

55”x 38”

This mixed media work started as an interpretation of the theme of Lazarus. Later a pile of old newspapers under the mysterious figure in the box added a contemporary element. The daily "news quickly turns old and leaves us indifferent” (Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin), becoming memories lost.

An Old Friend, A Faith Lived


34”x 28”

A moment in a life time, a snapshot at a friend's home in Vancouver full of stories and details. Depth and simple expressions of faith in her gestures and the eyes, and the traces she left. The last time I saw her she said in a firm whisper: “Remember the most important is to stay close to the Lord."