Stations of the Cross

Crossings Toronto

A journey to Easter - Imago Project

Arts Exhibition

March 2 - April 14 2022

Artist Talk

on Palm Sunday April 10, 2022 at 3 pm

Meet at Chapel inside Christ Church Deer Park

1570 Yonge St., Toronto

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Crossings is an outdoor arts exhibition available free

for the public to visit. The different locations allow one to

make a “pilgrimage” to the various stations, located in downtown and midtown Toronto.

The artworks are created by 16 Canadian artists in

response to the Scriptural Stations of the Cross and are

uniquely relevant expressions capturing both the Passion

narrative and its implications for our world.

Artist Statement - Station 12

This station represents Christ’s last moments on the cross, when He speaks to His Mother and the apostle John, entrusting them to each other. My intent was to compose and interpret these three figures and a gathering of other figures, from both past and present.

In my work for Crossings, my rendering of the Lord Jesus Christ’s body and face is based on a combination of various crucifixions. Here parts of the figures are sourced from other artists, for example I alter the facial expressions, their age, clothing and add other details from today’s world.

Part of the space around the cross and background is covered with reflective mirror like distorting Mylar, which is positioned in order to show the distorted reflections of the viewers standing in front of this Station. The idea being that a Mirror of Truth displays humanity's true condition, which can be changed only through accepting God’s gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. So the central theme here is to invite people into the crucifixion scene, and to participate in the drama and be moved by its meaning.

Maria Gabankova