Joseph Gabanek
April 23, 1923 - November 22, 2011

was born in Budapest, Hungary, but soon moved to Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Already in his school years he caught the attention of his teachers by richly illlustrating the margins of his note-books wiht fine pen and ink drawings. His art education began in Vienna, later in Bratislava and from 1945-50 he studied figure painting and printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he received Honorary award for figure composition. To become more acquainted with the masters he admired most and to study their techniques in depth he executed a number of copies of paintings by Corot, Velasquez, Goya and others.
Though portraiture and figure painting has always been a major part of Joseph's work - he finds outdoor sketching and painting a rewarding experience. In Czechoslovakia he exhibited his work in solo and group shows and was a member of Czechoslovak Federation of Artists.
After the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia he came to Canada and settled in Vancouver B.C. He began to show his work in newly created Gastown in the Exposition Gallery, where he had solo shows and participated in group exhibitions until 1973. He exhibited throughout B.C. extensively. He was represented by Alex Fraser Galleries. Joseph's paintings are in many private and corporate collections (Coast Paper Company, Davies & Company, Dr. Mathissen's Collection etc.) Among prominent Canadians, who commissioned portraits by Joseph Gabanek are Dr. Hugh Keenleyside, former chairman of B.C. Hydro, Hon. John Nicholson, former Lieut. Governor of B.C., in Government House, Victoria, Prof. Dr. VI. Krajina, University of B.C. Soon after he settled in Canada Joseph was commissioned to execute a life size copy of Rembrandt's Night Watch, which was much admired in former Rembrandt Hotel, Vancouver.
Throughout his artistic development Joseph did not let himself be distracted by each new trend and movement in art, but rather tried to follow his own independent way of expression and destination. His work reflects the refinement and maturity of European tradition.
He works in oils, pen and ink with washes, for portraits and character sketches he uses charcoal and conte in which he developed a very unique and refined technique.

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Proclamation of British Columbia as a British Colony in 1858 - Historic Site of BC, Forth Langley


Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Mr. Nicholson


Joseph working on a Copy of Rembrandt's Night Watch



Mr. Howard














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